Working Group for Cardiovascular Nurses
and Allied Professionals


The Working Group for Cardiovascular Nursing and Therapies, AG-KAPT, of the Swiss Society of Cardiology (SGK) is a professional and scientific society within Article 60 ff of the Swiss Civil Code.

The Working Group KAPT was founded in 1992 and reorganized in 2007; it unites Nurses and Allied Professionals working in Cardiovasculare Care. And here you can find some further information about AG-KAPT's history.

The AG-KAPT pursues the following objectives:

  • Maintain the professional exchange and the relationships among the group members
  • Share research and experience within the Cardiovascular subject area
  • Promote a recognized/certified job specific training
  • Organize training in Cardiovascular Nursing
  • Organize Congresses
  • Collaboration with the Swiss Society of Cardiology
  • Collaboration with other national and international Societies (of paramedical disciplines) as well as with Institutions and Scientists
  • Collaboration with other national and international Staff Organizations and Institutions

Articles of the AG-KAPT

Marcia Leventhal

Founding member and long-time president - appointed honorary member in 2023

Marcia Leventhal

Marcia Leventhal
D.S. 15.08.2023